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Our Vision

We empower human motion in cyberspace through an in-depth analysis of hand movements and interfacing them to machines. With our Mimetik glove, you can collect and visualize data and stream it to any program, robot, or system that you want to control by a hand movement.

Mimetik is a pioneer in creating high-tech smart-glove solutions for industrial applications and beyond. Founded as a spin-off from TU Dresden & integrated into the CeTI research cluster of excellence of Technische Universität Dresden, Mimetik has advanced the development of digitally identifying, tracking & documenting hand movements without the need for cameras. The sensor-based Mimetik glove captures movement data. Through our smart algorithms we can identify specific movements and will be able to teach best movement patterns to new users. We are convinced that the integration of digital hand movements can become the gateway technology to the Metaverse implementation.

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Our Portfolio

Efficiency Glove

The EfficiencyGlove© is the base product within the Mimetik product family. The integrated core technology allows access to all process data involving human operations through comprehensive time and motion studies. With our plug & play solution, production managers can easily balance station workloads, identify bottlenecks, and reveal optimisation potential – leading to efficiency gains of more than 20% in manual work. It is easy to set up and integrate into existing data acquisition software.

Safety Glove

Topping up our core technology with altitude and weight sensors, the SafetyGlove© can record and identify ergonomic positions when lifting an object. This makes it possible to tackle false posture that can cause serious and long-term health damage. By issuing tangible improvement instructions for each individual and also with regard to workplace design, this solution leads to a substantial reduction of occupational accidents and a safer and more healthy work environment.

Quality Glove

In addition to the core technology, this Mimetik product features high-precision localization sensors. With this addon, the QualityGlove© can detect an employee’s position and movement over time. This provides useful information regarding highly frequented paths and areas covered as part of the work routine. Therefore, it is predestined for any maintenance applications and can reduce machine downtime caused by manual work by considerable 25%.

Partners and Collaborations

Technische Universität Dresden

TU Dresden is one of Germany‘s largest technical universities and one of eleven German Universities of Excellence.

Cluster of Excellence at TU Dresden

Researching on various aspects of the Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop.

Atlantic Labs

Supporting European Entrepreneurship – Famous early stage investor from Berlin, supporting Europaen entrepreneurship.


The team

We are a bunch of passionate entrepreneurs and engineers carrying innovation into each cell of our product. An advisory board of professors from Centre of Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop at Technische Universität Dresden is shaping our product along with a cutting edge of research. ​At Mimetik, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future.

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